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Cars Inspired by Animals

Many of our technological innovations have been partially inspired by Mother Nature herself. After all, the world is full of plants and animals that are perfectly adapted to thrive in our environment. When it comes to cars, you will see some manufacturers have actually taken animal names for their vehicles. It has proved to be a powerful tool that has lead to great success.

The chosen animal not only influences the entire design of a vehicle, but also how us drivers feel about the car. For instance, choosing a ferocious creature calls for a powerful engine, precise handling and aggressive looks to match. Our own associations with this creature lets us know we will be in for a wild ride!  Continue reading to discover the most famous examples when manufacturers have paid tribute to the animal kingdom.

Volkswagen’s Quirky Beetle

It’s no secret, the humble Beetle has become well known around the entire globe. Although an insect is not the most obvious choice for designing a car, Volkswagen used it to produce a true icon. Cosmetically the original car was quite simple and small, the smooth rounded body shell very much resembled its source of inspiration. The quirky design coupled with its awesome practicality was a hit from the get go, it quickly became a car for the people during 1960s.

The Beetle legacy is going still strong over half a decade later. Many still love to keep their original models going due to the highly lovable character. Volkswagen has released modern refinements to keep with the times, but they are still easily identifiable due to their unique body shape.

Jaguar’s Prestigious Lineage

The mere mention of the word Jaguar gets the imagination running wild. A remarkably sleek animal, well-muscled without a pinch of fat. Highly attractive markings can be seen as it moves slowly and gracefully, pouncing ferociously within a second. A mighty roar can be heard as it bears its powerful jaws. Now imagine this in vehicle form.

Jaguar has deep British roots, starting in Coventry 1935. Their animal influence is consistently evident in their development of luxury sports cars. The limits of speed and engineering were constantly pushed as the company produced numerous highly capable machines with beautiful cosmetics. The early XK120 model earns its name from two important factors, the engine type and top speed. More recently the XJ220 reflects how the company have progressed through the years. They have stayed consistent with their objective and vision.

Ford’s Muscle-Bound Mustang

Ford entered the world of American muscle cars, kicking up a mighty storm of dust in its trail. Released in 1964, the original Mustang inhered its name from the legendry wild horses of the West. The power of brute force coupled with free spirit appeal was welcomed with open arms by the American market. It was mighty in size, had aggressive styling and a herd of wild stallions under the bonnet. As you can expect, it rapidly became popular with the car enthusiasts around America.

Once the Mustang became known around the world it became an American icon. Ford made a series of model revisions to the Mustang over the years. The handling, power and styling were updated periodically to keep with the times. Although the latest models are a far cry from the original, the soul of the mustang is still clearly present.

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