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Comparison of the Audi A1 and BMW 1 Series

06/11/2018 09:41:48

Two of the most popular and best regarded car makers on the planet, Audi and BMW truly live up to the stereotype of efficient German engineering.  Their models regularly compete against each other on the market. Two of their top models are the Audi A1 and BMW 1 Series. So how do they compare with each other? Audi A1 Audi’s ...

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Profile of the Audi A4

28/10/2016 12:07:24

One of the big three German car brands, Audi fits the stereotype of efficient, engineering. Unlike Volkswagen and BMW, the Audi marque brings an added feeling to all its models – a sense of sportiness. The Audi A4 is one of the jewels in the company’s crown. Labelled as a compact executive car, the A4 is an increasingly popular choice amongst tho ...

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Top Five Most Popular Audis

05/08/2016 12:45:15

“Vorsprung durch technik”. The Audi motto has never been more fitting as the German car maker cements itself as one of the most popular car manufacturers in the UK. Combining high build quality with a sporty adventurous style has made Audi the go to for those wanting prestige and performance. Here are the five best selling Audis in the UK. A ...

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Profile of the Audi R8

06/05/2016 12:18:53

The Audi R8 has become one of the globe’s leading supercars. Since it’s launch back in 2006, it has quickly become a symbol of precision engineering, power and performance. 2015 saw the launch of the car’s second generation, with the R8 Spyder also announced this year. So what better time to take a closer look at the superb R8? The devel ...

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History of the Audi TT

15/12/2015 09:10:08

Ever since the Audi TT coupe first went on sale back in 1999, Audi’s TT has been an extremely popular car. And as a nation, we can’t get enough of it - we buy more TTs than any other country! Let’s take a look at the history of the Audi TT… California dreaming The distinctive looking style was first dreamt up in 199 ...

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The History of Audi

01/05/2014 17:00:00

Based in Bavaria and part of the Volkswagen group, Germany’s Audi AG manufacture and design cars around the world and are known today as one of the most influential and innovative car brands in history, creating vehicles ranging from motorcyles to luxury rides. Audi’s story began at the very end of the 19th Century, with notably few ...

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