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Your ultimate spring cleaning guide

01/04/2020 09:55:33

Winter is finally coming to an end and many of us will be opening the windows to let in some of that fresh air. Now might also be the perfect time to have a thorough spring clean. And as many of us will have a lot more time on our hands, we should take advantage and give our motors some TLC. So, we’ve put together a quick guide to giving you ...

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Top 5 reliable SUVs

26/02/2020 13:33:05

Sometimes bigger is better. It might sound like a cliché, but if you want something with plenty of size and an engine built to move it, then you can’t go wrong with a SUV – sports utility vehicle. Whether you live in the countryside and need something to get you along those rough and ready country roads, or simply want the si ...

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Manual vs automatic

26/11/2019 16:29:43

When it comes to choosing your car, one of the choices you have to make surrounds the gearbox. While the choice may come down just to personal preference, there are a number of pros and cons that you should also take into consideration. So, automatic or manual. Which is best? Manual gearbox: The pros The most common type of gearbox ...

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When To Get a Vehicle HPI Check

04/09/2019 09:32:10

How well do you know your car? Do you know its history enough to be confident when selling it, that you aren’t misleading anyone? What about when you buy a new car? Are all the details being listed true? Or are you in for a nasty surprise? Whether you are about to sell your car or buy a new one, it might well be worth conducting a ve ...

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Skoda Kodiaq vs Volkswagen Tiguan

19/06/2019 17:28:17

Skoda Kodiaq vs Volkswagen Tiguan When it comes to your family, bigger is often better. Whether you have just the 1.9 children or a whole litter of rugrats, the more space you have, the more distance you can keep between the warring parties that is your children. Bigger also often means safer, with a more robust build and room for cru ...

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Top 7 Affordable Hatchbacks

29/05/2019 17:04:42

The most popular type of car in the country is the hatchback. Incredibly versatile, affordable to run, these all-rounders are perfect for almost any driver. Those just starting out, those with a small yet growing family, or those downgrading after their own little ones have grown up and flown the nest. But the best thing about most hatchbac ...

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Safety of Modern Cars

01/05/2019 16:53:27

No one goes on the road thinking about how safe their car is. Unless, perhaps, you are driving an old banger that is powered more by prayer than petrol. The sort of car where gaffer tape is kept in the glove box for emergency repairs. But safety is becoming increasingly important. Especially as nowadays modern cars have a whole range of te ...

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