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Famous Boxers and Their Cars

28/10/2014 12:21:43

Boxers are some of the highest paid sportsmen on the planet. Known for their lavish lifestyles and extravagant houses, its no wonder that their passion for the outrageous extends to their cars. Mike Tyson – “Iron Mike” Mike stands to be one of the most notorious boxers of our time. The undisputed heavyweight champion h ...

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The most expensive movie cars sold at auction

24/10/2014 14:16:41

From getaway cars in gangster flicks to adrenaline-fuelled racing cars looking for post-stardom retirement, since the dawn of cinema the motorcar has played a huge part in the making of a movie. The world of film has exploded in recent decades with lavish costumes, extravagant sets and realistic gadgets. Gone is the time of fake walls and plastic ...

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Pop Stars and their cars Five of the best

19/09/2014 09:57:05

They may be best known for recording those songs that you hear on the radio every morning, subconsciously hum in the shower and shamelessly dance to at your annual work’s Christmas do, but, like the rest of society, Pop Stars have a life beyond their day jobs. Unlike the rest of society however, this life often involves ludicrous purchases; ...

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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Car Accessories

29/07/2014 11:16:42

Your car is something to be proud of; something to show off to your friends and talk about at parties. Automobile marketers have latched onto the fact that itís no longer enough to have a functioning motor which can get you from A-B; style matters. The car accessories business has never been bigger. However style is, like many things, a personal ...

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Best car chases in the movies

18/07/2014 16:04:59

There's no doubt about it Ė nothing makes a movie more exciting or more dramatic than a good old car chase. Whether you're watching at home on the sofa with a mug of tea, or in your local cinema with an XL popcorn/coke combo deal, the noise and frantic nature that a car chase offers leaves viewers with short fingernails and a racing heartbeat. ...

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Tips to keep your kids entertained on long drives

15/07/2014 12:19:52

Long drives can be a fairly daunting experience, even without taking children into account. The sheer cost of travelling from one end of the country to the other is a worrying enough factor and it may be that you worry about the condition that your car is in. What's more, there's the question about what music to listen to as well! Add childr ...

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How to kit your car out for the festival season

14/07/2014 12:41:10

Itís festival season and youíre hyped for a weekend of music, fresh air and hopefully a little bit of sun. Youíre daydreaming of sprawling out at the campsite and indulging in your favourite beverage and a BBQ or two; making friends and making memories. But first you have to get there and youíre taking everything but the kitchen sink. Thousands o ...

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