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Profile of the Mazda MX Five

20/06/2017 09:51:11

One of the most distinctive cars on the road, the Mazda MX-5 is the best selling roadster on the planet. Famous for its stylish design, smooth drive, and affordable price, this lightweight coupe is rightly regarded as one of the best cars on the market. History Currently in its fourth generation, the first MX-5 was launched back in 1989 a ...

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New Mazda CX 5

20/04/2012 14:00:00
New Mazda CX 5 Image

The new CX-5 is the most fuel efficient and lightest vehicle in its class and is also, remarkably, one of the most spacious as well.  The new vehicle has a regular three-year car warranty, list prices that will not send people into shock and a smart if somewhat identikit SUV appearance.  The new car comes with a choice of either a 2.2 ...

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