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Changes in Auto Warranty Terms and Conditions

Changes in Auto Warranty Terms and Conditions Image

Not everyone is aware that providers who issue auto warranty plans do have the ability to alter or change the terms and provisions, at least up to a point.  Depending on the nature of the changes, this may be to the benefit of the consumer, especially if the terms call for eliminating certain fees or expanding the scope of coverage associated with a particular benefit. 

Typically, laws and regulations will require that the provider of an auto warranty plan provides some sort of advance notice to plan holders that a change is coming.  This is especially true with some sort of major change.  At other times, a simple notification of a minor change may not require much in the way of advance notice.  In rare cases, the change may be implemented first, with customers only finding out once the change is in place.

While this may seem somewhat unsettling, it is important to remember that most auto warranty providers are interested in keeping your business over the years, as you buy newer cars.  For this reason, they are more likely to alert clients to impending changes in advance so there is less of a possibility of upsetting the customer. 

In order to get some idea of how your auto warranty provider handles changes, look closely at the terms and conditions found in the warranty contract.  Most will include a section that outlines how changes are made and when customers are notified.  Knowing in advance how updates to your cover are handled will make it much easier to keep on top of your current benefits and enable you to be ready to use them if the need arises.    

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