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Charity urges drivers to carry out tests

Charity urges drivers to carry out tests Image

Drivers are putting themselves, their passengers and others at risk by failing to carry out basic checks before setting off on long journeys, research has found.

Around 40% of people asked said they set off on long journeys without checking lights are working and tyres are in a safe condition.

More than a quarter said they do not check oil and water levels or ensure that washers and wipers are working, according to the road safety charity Brake.

The organisation found that young drivers and female drivers were the least likely to carry out essential safety checks, with 28% of young people failing to carry out any of the checks before a long journey, compared with the overall average of 10%.

More than a fifth of drivers said they do not always check that their passengers are wearing seatbelts and 16% admitted that they have with them a child not in an appropriate car seat.

The charity is trying to encourage drivers to carry out safety checks on lights and indicators, oil and water, tyres, windscreen wipers and washers and windows and mirrors before taking any long journeys, by highlighting the fact they take just minutes to complete.

Car Care Tips  23/08/2012 17:00:01

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