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Chevrolet Aveo goes into battle

Chevrolet Aveo goes into battle Image

While the European car market continued its decline for the first two months of this year, three car manufacturers were actually seeing dramatic growth.  Kia and Hyundai are two of the three, while the other is Chevrolet.  The latest of the new, small Chevrolet vehicles is the Aveo, essentially a super-mini, albeit a pretty large one (indeed, it is almost the size of a VW Golf from ten years back).

As with the previous version of the Aveo, which failed to make much of an impression in terms of presence on the roads of the United Kingdom, the new vehicle comes at a temptingly low price - £1,000 less than the Kia Rio and as much as £2,000 under the cost of a corresponding Ford Fiesta.  It also comes with a five-year Car Warranty.  Unlike its predecessor, however, the new Aveo has an up-to-date and comprehensive equipment package, together with an interior whose finish and style looks anything but cheap.

This is a pretty attractive vehicle as well, with the chiselled nose incorporating four round retro headlights that make a pleasant change from the transparent polycarbonate and slashes of chrome seen with a lot of new cars.  The profile is square-cut and seems almost to be tipped forwards, looking poised for action, and almost sporting.

There are three engines on offer, two that are fuelled by petrol and offer a bhp rating of 86 and 100 respectively, and a 1.3-litre turbodiesel that offers either 75 or 95 bhp.

Chevrolet  23/04/2012 11:00:01

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