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Claiming Benefits From An Extended Car Warranty

Claiming Benefits From An Extended Car Warranty Image

One of the main reasons consumers invest in extended Car Warranties is because the coverage comes in particularly useful when something goes wrong with one or more of the covered parts or systems in the vehicle.  Since many of the warranty terms address the function of key systems such as the brakes, engine, and gear box, having a decent warranty helps to reduce the cost of repairs and replacements that occur while the warranty is in effect.  While some dealers do not require any particular effort on the part of customers to make a claim, others do require a specific process that must be followed.

In order to determine what must be done to claim the benefits provided by extended car warranties, read the terms and conditions found in the actual warranties.  These terms and conditions will give chapter and verse about what is covered and more importantly what is not.  Along with qualifying the incident that leads to the repair or replacement, the terms will also provide basic information on how to make a claim.  Depending on the nature of the warranty, the consumer may have to pay something up front and be reimbursed later by the warranty issuer.

Extended car warranties are especially good ideas for anyone who depends on the covered vehicles to provide reliable transportation on a daily basis.  To prevent delays when the car does need repairs, know what is covered by the warranty and what must be done in order for the claim to be processed as quickly as possible.  Being prepared will save time and frustration as well as minimising the chances of paying for a covered event and never being reimbursed.

Author - Michael Barclay

Extended Warranty  26/01/2011 11:00:01

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