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Claiming Benefits From Your Car Warranty

Claiming Benefits From Your Car Warranty Image

In many instances, claiming benefits from your Car Warranty requires little or no effort.  This is particularly true when it comes to enjoying any discounts on routine car maintenance that is included in the warranty's terms and conditions.  As long as the work is done by an authorised repair shop using authorised components, you remain covered and receive the benefit.  The task may be a little more difficult for major repairs where there is some question as to whether events leading up to those repairs are actually covered.

When there is some question as to whether a repair is necessary due to operator negligence or some flaw in the components themselves, it may be necessary to provide additional information in order to satisfy the provider that the warranty coverage does in fact apply.  Many providers will work with owners to resolve any differences in opinion regarding coverage, up to and including the supply of specific documents necessary, providing the details relevant to the nature of the repair, the cost, and the circumstance leading up to the claim.  Typically, some of the sections on the claim form will be filled out by the car owner and others by the repair shop.  Assuming everything is approved, the discounts and other coverage named in the car warranty will be extended.

When considering different car warranty plans, make it a point to check consumer reports and get some idea of how often and under what circumstances consumers have been denied benefits by a warranty provider.  This will allow you to determine if you believe the actions were justified or if it may be in your best interests to consider other warranty providers.

Michael Barclay

Vehicle Warranty  08/07/2011 14:00:00

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