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Comparing Car Warranties

Comparing Car Warranties Image

When most people think in terms of buying a new or used car, the terms included in the Car Warranties offered by dealers or manufacturers are not often the first thing that comes to mind.  Many assume that the warranties are pretty much the same from one make and model to the next.  The fact is that while most car warranties will cover the same basic parts and situations, there is a good chance that the warranty offered by one dealer or manufacturer may be significantly better than another.

For this reason, it is not only important to compare the features included with the different vehicles you are considering, but also the car warranties that come along with them.  If possible obtain copies of the warranties as part of the comparison process.  Identify all the points they have in common and then focus your attention on the terms and conditions that are only found in just a few of the warranties.  As a last step, make a note of anything that is unique to one particular warranty that clearly is not found in any of the others.

Once youŽve taken the time to compare car warranties point by point, youŽll find that the range of vehicles that you are interested in will narrow somewhat.  Keep in mind everything you learn from the comparison, even as you look for the vehicle with the most desirable range of features at the most competitive price.  In the long run, this strategy allows you to select the car that will provide the best service whilst also giving you the best possible protection.    


Car Warranties  29/12/2010 15:24:23

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