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Cost of driving keeps families apart

Cost of driving keeps families apart Image

The ever-rising cost of motoring is taking its toll on the traditional Sunday roast and family get-togethers, a study suggests.

Research carried out by car-maker Hyundai found that six in 10 families have missed out on a Sunday dinner because driving takes up too much of their income and 30% of British people admit that they can't afford to make the journey to see their parents.

With fuel costs up 53% in the last five years, two in five drivers refuse 150 mile-plus journeys to see relatives. The cost, even without mechanical breakdowns, is just too much for many.

The CEO of Hyundai UK, Tony Whitehorn, said the research shows the problems drivers are facing and he highlighted a surprising fact - one in 10 drivers would even cut out Christmas trips to see family because of the expense involved.

"Fuel economy is really important to Hyundai and lots of work goes into the continual improvement of the efficiency of our products, which should help keep family ties strong," he said.

Insurance  31/08/2012 17:00:01

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