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Countries with the strictest driving laws

Often we can feel rather hard done by our rules on British roads. Those who have been caught and prosecuted for minor speeding offences would certainly agree. However, if you were to hear about driving laws for other countries it may well change your perspective. The mere thought of facing some of the stricter rules and harsher penalties from around the world will make you feel far happier living with our current system.

Asia Ė Super Strict Drink Driving Limit

Many Asian countries have suffered with alarming statistics for drink driving related accidents. In an attempt to curb the dangerous trend many have adopted very strict laws for dealing with driving under the influence.

Taiwan drivers have earned themselves a terrible reputation that caused the government to recently tighten their belt. Their new super low limit of just 0.03% and 0.15 mg/L puts them in the same league as Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. In these countries you could still be far over the limit more than a day after a heavy night.

Taiwan also began enforcing harsh consequences for offenders. Those caught could be convicted for up to 2 years imprisonment and a fine of $6700. When involved in accidents it jumps 7 years, or if death is caused it will be 10 years.

Europe Ė Speederís Nightmare

Donít let the beautiful scenery in Holland fool you, they have a serious punishments ready for drivers who abuse their roads. If caught doubling the speed limit they can not only legally seize your car on the spot, but permanently. In the most publicised case a young driver lost the keys for his fatherís Bugatti Veyron after a dangerous joyride.

Finland has developed a devilish approach for prosecuting speeders. Their well thought-out formulas calculate an appropriate speeding ticket based on the offenders yearly income and the severity of the offence. The purpose is to discourage even the richest of speed freaks. In fact, it was once reported that a millionaire business owner received a painful fine in the region of £100,000!

Over in Switzerland they donít have a sense of humour when it comes to speeding offences. A Swedish man caught travelling at 180mph in a flashy SLS AMG Mercedes, simply reported his speedo must be faulty.† The police slapped him with a sky-high fine of nearly £500,000. This was justified by taking into account the offenderís impressive net worth and the outrageous offence.

Middle East Ė Controversial?

Many Middle Eastern laws are down right shocking for us living on the Western side of the globe. Their culture and laws can appear quite restrictive, in fact the drinking of alcohol is condemned full stop. As for drink driving, a man in Abu Dhabi received an unbelievable 80 lashes as a punishment after he had caused road accident. Speeding isnít tolerated either, speeders in Iran can face up to one year in jail. Either that or you may be will be subjected to painful lashings.

Now to top it off, all women are forbidden to drive cars in Saudi Arabia. You may already be familiar with the countryís controversial rules for women but this takes it a step further. Womenís rights campaigners have been battling hard but are yet to succeed. Thereís hope, but only for women over 30 with special permissions from their husbands and strict dress codes.

Driving Tips  30/06/2015 09:09:31

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