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Crash For Cash

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More fake crash insurance claims are made at a particular Bolton junction than anywhere else in the entire north of England, it has been revealed.  Junction 4 on the M61, which is located in Farnworth, keeps getting used by "crash for cash" scammers and as a result it has become the fourth worst place for such fraudulent activity in the whole of the United Kingdom.  

Insurance company Direct Line says that the junction has become a notorious site for fraudsters to fake car accidents by making unneeded emergency stops whilst on busy roundabouts or slip roads, which then forces other motorists to crash into them.  

While the other drivers may have a Car Warranty, it still does not do their insurance premiums any good and the crooks make false claims to the driver's insurance company, sometimes even embellishing the incident with non-existent passengers and false injuries.  Because of these fraudulent claims, the price of local car insurance premiums has risen by as much as £44 per annum, with honest drivers now paying up to £350 million nationally each and every year.  

"Cash for crash scams pose a significant risk to public safety" says Direct Line's Head of Counter Fraud Operations, Paul Hubbard.  "As well as adding to the cost of insurance, they delay payouts on genuine claims as any reported accident at a known scam site has to undergo additional investigations.  Just the actions of a few can cost motorists a significant amount of money and pose a real threat to people's lives."

Author - Michael Barclay

Car Warranty  28/10/2011 14:00:00

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