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Creating a Maintenance Schedule to Comply with Your Auto Warranty

Creating a Maintenance Schedule to Comply with Your Auto Warranty Image

One of the responsibilities a car owner has in terms of compliance with an auto warranty is to make sure the covered vehicle has regular and timely maintenance.  This is most easily managed by creating and sticking with a maintenance schedule.  Setting up a schedule is not that difficult and in fact can often be managed with the help of the shop that handles the maintenance work.

Check your auto warranty to determine what type of discounts or other benefits you have in terms of maintenance tasks.  For example, many will help with expenses associated with certain tasks up to three or four times each calendar year.  Use those as the basis for planning when to take the care in for maintenance, and which tasks need to be accomplished at each visit.  With those more prominent maintenance tasks serving as the basis for the schedule, you can also include a few of the more minor checks and repairs that may be necessary from time to time, allowing you to keep up some preventive maintenance that ultimately means fewer trips to the shop throughout the year.

The shop handling the maintenance and upkeep can also help by providing regular reminders when the time for such basic tasks as an engine tune-up, an oil and filter change, and rotation of the tyres is due.  Integrate those reminders into the schedule and make sure those issues are addressed in a timely manner.  Not only will creating a schedule that is inline with your auto warranty help to ensure you get the most out of the coverage, this strategy also helps to reduce the potential of a breakdown that leaves you stranded at a most inconvenient time.

Michael Barclay

published: 06/07/2011 11:00:01

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