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Deciding What you Need in an Auto Warranty

Deciding What you Need in an Auto Warranty Image

When engaged in the last stages of buying a new or used car, there is always the decision of what type of auto warranty to secure.  It is not unusual for dealers to offer at least a couple of options to choose from.  Before making a snap decision about the warranty plan, take some time to evaluate your needs and then see which of the plans is most likely to serve you well.

Start your evaluation of each of the auto warranty options by considering how you plan on using the vehicle.  When the car will see extensive daily use, an extended auto warranty that offers additional benefits and coverage for certain events may be in your best interests.  Going with the more robust plan means that if there is some major issue that arises through no fault of your own, and that issue is covered in the terms of the warranty, your out-of-pocket expense will be significantly lower.

At the same time, if your use of the vehicle is more casual and does not involve travelling great distances, you may find that a basic auto warranty is sufficient for your needs.  Check the terms, including any costs you must pay for maintenance in order to keep the warranty in effect.  If the scope of cover is sufficient, then there is no need to go with the higher priced extended plan.

Whatever the decision, do not waive your right to secure some type of warranty plan.  Even a basic one will provide benefits that will easily offset any expense should a covered event take place, and save the car owner an equitable amount of money.       

Author - Michael Barclay

Car Warranty  30/08/2011 17:00:00

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