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Deciphering Your new Car Warranty

Deciphering Your new Car Warranty Image

One way to make sure you understand your new Car Warranty is to take some time to break the terms and provisions down into sections that you can easily understand, and use for referral as and when needed.  Doing this type of breakdown of the warranty plan is not as hard as you may think.  In fact, it can be managed with nothing more than a comfortable chair, a pad and pen, and a copy of your car warranty.

A common approach is to start at the beginning of the car warranty and jot down notes on sections that are of particular interest to your situation.  This may include any provisions about how often the car must be serviced, what dealers you can use for the maintenance, and the scope of coverage that applies to any events that you suspect may be encountered at some time, based on how you plan on using your car.  Continue this process of making notes until you have been through the entire document and identified every benefit and responsibility that you believe is important to remember.

Use your notes to create a simple outline that can easily be scanned to check on those important matters.  Keep the outline as brief as possible, perhaps even a single page, and follow the general flow of the car warranty itself.  This will make it easy to quickly scan the outline for quick information retrieval, while still giving you some idea of where to find more detailed information within the body of the warranty.  

Author - Michael Barclay

Car Warranty  16/06/2011 14:00:00

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