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Discarded containers causing road accidents

Discarded containers causing road accidents Image

Road accidents tend to be attributed to the weather, speeding, drink-driving or an individual's steering misadventure.

But a new poll unveils a whole new set of reasons, and they all derive from inside the vehicle.

Insurance company More Than says some crashes are caused by a dog jumping up on a driver's lap or even by a discarded drinks container accidentally jammed under a pedal.

The main items inside a vehicle said to cause a crash or a near-miss are coffee cups and bottles.

Some people interviewed for the poll even attributed a road accident to wearing high-heel shoes.

Such minor crashes and near-misses are most common in London, although they also seem to happen often in Wales and the West Midlands.

More Than's Janet Connor said: "The potential dangers and distractions outside the car are well-known but as the evidence suggests, those within the car are often forgotten.

"It's not always possible to control what happens on the road but it's clear that motorists can go some way in making their driving safer by paying closer attention to the hazards in their vehicles."

Insurance  26/11/2012 17:00:00

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