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Do Auto Warranties Cover Everything

Do Auto Warranties Cover Everything Image

Consumers sometimes wonder just how effective auto warranties actually are, in terms of the scope of coverage for different events.  The fact is that while many warranty plans are quite comprehensive, they are not likely to cover every possible scenario.  This does not mean the warranties are of no value, as the range of events that are covered are quite extensive.

Auto warranties are different from auto insurance plans, in that the former is focused on protecting the car owner in the event that something goes wrong with the car that is not due to actions taken by that owner.  In other words, if the origin of a malfunction of some sort is due to a defect of the components used in the engine, transmission or other systems in the vehicle, the warranty makes it possible for those issues to be corrected with little to no out-of-pocket expense.

By contrast, car insurance is a preventative measure that provides protection in the event that some sort of accident occurs, either due to the actions of the car owner or someone else who is involved with the accident.  Here, the focus is on dealing with situations that do not have to do with defects in the function of the automobile itself that are connected with service issues or the quality of the parts used in the car. 

Auto warranties with sufficient coverage can go a long way toward offsetting expenses that come about due to components that are recalled due to defects and breakdowns that occur for reasons other than excessive wear and tear on the vehicle.  Maintaining a warranty on your motor vehicle just makes sense, since all it takes is one major event to make the cost of the warranty plan worth the time and effort.

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