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Do Dealers Offer Different Types of Used Car Warranties

Do Dealers Offer Different Types of Used Car Warranties Image

When it comes to the task of buying a used car, buyers find that sometimes dealers will sell the vehicles "as is", meaning that no warranty is forthcoming.  At other times, dealers will provide not one but two options for Car Warranties that customers can choose.  When confronted with the choice between two or more warranty plans, the buyer has the option of weighing the benefits of each plan, or simply going with the one that is the least expensive.

Choosing the right car warranties requires considering all relevant factors.  Start with the scope of coverage provided by each warranty plan.  In some cases, the differences between a basic warranty and an extended plan may be minimal and related mainly to issues that cost relatively little money to repair anyway.  At other times, the extended cover may provide a significant increase in benefits over the basic plan, making it well worth your consideration.  Since only you can decide which set of benefits is the best fit for your situation, it means going over each plan carefully and making sure you know what is and is not included with each.

The cost of the extended car warranties in comparison with the basic plans may also be of importance.  This is particularly true for households with limited resources, since that extra premium may mean sacrifices in other crucial areas of the budget.  Try to balance the cost with the benefits provided and determine which of the car warranties allow you to enjoy the most cover while still avoiding suffering any ill effects regarding your finances.

Author - Michael Barclay       

Car Warranty  28/04/2011 14:00:00

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