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Do you Need an Auto Warranty on a Second Car

Do you Need an Auto Warranty on a Second Car Image

While most people would agree that maintaining an auto warranty on the primary vehicle in a household is a good idea, not everyone thinks there is a need to have a warranty on a car that is only used to run errands around town or used as a backup when the main car is undergoing maintenance.  This question is also likely to arise when that second car is a late model that is intended to see relatively little use.  The fact is that even if that second car rarely gets out of the driveway, it is smart to go ahead and secure some type of auto warranty plan.  Here is why.

While the wear and tear on that second vehicle may be somewhat light, there is still the chance that some sort of major service issue related to an event covered in a warranty may occur.  When this happens, do you really want to shoulder the expense of that repair all by yourself?  

Car Warranties, like car insurance are there to provide assistance when and if something happens.  Would you think of driving that second vehicle and possibly getting into an accident without some type of insurance cover?  Of course not.  In the same vein, maintaining at least a basic auto warranty will mean should a covered event come to pass, you are not left holding the bill, with no alternative but to pay the expense yourself.  Do not take the chance; even if that second car is only to haul supplies from the garden centre on weekends, take out some sort of warranty plan and protect your interests.  All it will take is one incident to justify the expense.

Author - Michael Barclay

Vehicle Warranty  19/05/2011 14:00:01

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