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Does an Auto Warranty Replace Car Insurance

Does an Auto Warranty Replace Car Insurance Image

While an auto warranty is often a good idea, many people wonder if they can manage just fine with the warranty alone, and forego securing car insurance.  The fact is that the auto warranty is never intended to take the place of car insurance, or even serve as a temporary substitute.  Rather, the two types of coverage work together to provide the highest level of protection for the car owner.

An auto warranty provides benefits related to the replacement of specific components within the vehicle, assuming those replacements are related to some sort of mechanical failure.  This is in contrast to car insurance, which can aid in making repairs that come about due to road accidents.  In addition, car insurance may also include protection for the other vehicle involved in the accident, in addition to insurance cover for any injured parties resulting from the car crash.  Since both types of situations can and do happen from time to time, the savvy car owner will make sure to maintain both an auto warranty and decent car insurance at all times.

In fact car insurance is not an option.  The law requires owners to secure and maintain insurance before attempting to drive the vehicle.  The situation is different with an auto warranty, in that owners can opt to maintain warranties or allow them to lapse.  If you really want to protect yourself from just about any contingency, make it a point to maintain both types of cover.  Doing so will result in less out of pocket expense no matter what happens with your car.

Author - Michael Barclay



Auto Warranty  13/01/2011 11:00:01

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