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Drivers not Ready for Winter

Drivers not Ready for Winter Image

Drivers in the United Kingdom may have taken the precaution of getting extended auto warranties, but millions are still unprepared for the onset of harsh winter weather conditions, according to new research from Sainsbury's car insurance.  The survey suggests that up to as many as 13.7 million are unaware of what they should do should their car go into a skid on icy roads, while more than a quarter of all the drivers surveyed - 27% in total - would actually take action that would make things worse.

The supermarket bank says that around 264,000 accidents could occur this winter due to icy roads, with research proving that 1.3 million drivers have had accidents due to such conditions over the course of the last five years, resulting in an average repair bill of up to £1,773.

Twenty-two percent of drivers say they only go out in icy conditions in the event of an emergency, while 7% claim they refuse to drive in such conditions at all.  That figure is even higher for women, with over a third - 38% in total - saying they either do not drive at all or only go out when absolutely necessary in icy conditions as opposed to 20% of men. 

"Everyone knows that driving in wintery weather can be hazardous but our study shows that a staggering number of drivers do not know how to handle their vehicles in icy conditions," says the head of Sainsbury's car insurance, Ben Tyte.  "It's important to drive even more safely and be extra vigilant."

Motoring News  13/12/2011 14:00:00

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