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Drivers urged to watch out for roadworks hazards

Drivers urged to watch out for roadworks hazards Image

Drivers are being encouraged to take extra care when it comes to roadworks.

The Highways Agency says a two year road-improving scheme introduced by the Government will lead to extra roadworks, which could prove hazardous to both drivers and road workers.

Roads Minister Stephen Hammond said: "It is absolutely essential that all road users play their part when driving through roadworks, and keep within the signed speed limit. Those few seconds you might save by travelling too fast could cost lives."

To reduce the risk of incidents, drivers approaching roadworks are asked to keep within speed limits, ensure they are in the correct lane and concentrate on the road ahead, rather than the roadworks themselves.

Additionally, they are asked to keep a safe distance, be aware of works traffic and road workers themselves and observe and comply with all signs.

Car Care Tips  09/04/2013 14:00:01

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