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Drivers who fail eye tests face losing their licence

Drivers who fail eye tests face losing their licence Image

The Government is planning to bring in a policy to enable police to revoke the licence of any short-sighted drivers causing an accident or driving dangerously.

The move, which is being taken in response to a 45,000 signature petition to bring in "Cassie's law", will streamline the process for taking someone's licence from them and officers will be able to email the request to revoke a licence.

That can be done from a smartphone at the side of the road and the DVLA can email back a formal revocation notice to be printed out and given to the offending driver on the same day.

Police will carry out on the spot eyesight tests to ensure the motorist can read a number plate from 20 metres away before warning anybody who fails that it is an offence to get back behind the wheel.

Cassie's law is named after 16-year-old Cassie McCord, who was killed by an 87-year-old driver who refused to give up his licence even though he had failed an on the spot police eye test three days earlier when he drove into the exit of a petrol station.

Insurance  04/02/2013 14:00:01

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