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Extended Warranties Make Sense

Extended Warranties Make Sense Image

Some people believe that extended auto warranties are not worth spending money on because of the fact that you may spend a lot of money insuring against something that may not, in fact, ever happen, and are thus throwing money away on nothing.  This is a familiar argument, one that has also been used against many other forms of insurance.  People who espouse this point of view argue that the customer would be better simply to set away a certain amount of money per month on their own, to be used if necessary but which is not being wasted if nothing ever happens.

On the other side of the fence, however, are those who argue that having extended auto warranties and any other form of insurance is only right and sensible as the amount of cash that you spend on the warranty may end up being far less than what is needed to fix your motor vehicle in the event of damage (and, by the same argument, what would be needed to fix your home or replace stolen property). 

The truth is that many people who believe the first argument end up changing their minds once they have actually been through such an experience.  Having extended auto warranties in place makes a lot of sense and can actually end up saving the customer an incredible amount of money under certain circumstances.  Therefore, anyone who has taken out insurance on their home or contents would be foolish not to protect their car in a similar fashion.

Motoring News  20/12/2011 14:00:00

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