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Eyesight costs 6000 their licence

Eyesight costs 6000 their licence Image

New Government figures show that the number of motorists to have their licences revoked because of poor eyesight increased by 10% in 2011 compared to the previous year, with a rise of 39% reported among lorry and bus drivers.

The Department for Transport figures show that a total of 5,825 car drivers and riders of motorcycles as well as 685 lorry and bus drivers had their licences taken away after they failed a standard eye test.

Presenting the figures, Transport Minister Stephen Hammond said strict rules were crucial in order to keep Britain's roads safe, adding that only those who can demonstrate that they are safe to drive should be allowed to do so.

He said: "All drivers must meet certain minimum eyesight standards. There are additional checks for drivers of large goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles, which we strictly enforce.

"This is to protect the driver and other road users given their size, the number of passengers and the likely additional distance and time spent on the road."

Labour MP Meg Munn said there were an estimated 2,874 casualties in 2010 following road accidents that were caused by poor driver vision.

published: 31/12/2012 17:00:00

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