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Famous Boxers and Their Cars

Boxers are some of the highest paid sportsmen on the planet. Known for their lavish lifestyles and extravagant houses, its no wonder that their passion for the outrageous extends to their cars.

Mike Tyson – “Iron Mike”

Mike stands to be one of the most notorious boxers of our time. The undisputed heavyweight champion has also become widely known due to his notorious reputation and enigmatic personality. His insatiable appetite for womanising and bad behaviour has landed him with criminal charges and even jail time. During one particular bout he became so riled up he bit off part of his opponent’s ear. Over his impressive fight career he carved out a fortune exceeding $300 million. He soon became addicted to lavish spending on mansions, jewellery, cars, parties, clothes, motorbikes and even tigers. But this was simply not sustainable and financial trouble soon followed.

During his manic spending spree it has been reported he purchased around 110 luxury cars, not just for himself but friends and family. His impressive collection included numerous super cars, muscle cars and even classic Bentleys. On one occasion it was even rumoured he went to a Rolls Royce dealership and cleared out their entire stock in one go!

Muhammad Ali – “The Greatest”

Ali’s style can be encapsulated in the quote, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. He has become known worldwide as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers in history. But in addition to displaying amazing fighting prowess in the ring, he was also revered for his life values and principles. Ali “The Greatest” had an exciting boxing career with many historic fights with other famous boxers. Once he lost his title he even managed to regain it 7 years later.

The “Golden Angel Wing” was a unique and extravagant car gifted by a Royal to Ali, their ultimate hero. The Royal family member had the 1959 Mercedes 220S radically remodelled to replicate an Arabian palace. This was achieved using more 23-karat gold, jewels and diamonds than you can imagine. The interior was lined with mink fur, even the radio was gold with rubies and emeralds fitted to buttons. But after two years of ownership Ali sold the car and donated the proceeds to charity, wishing only that the car to go on to help mankind. The current owners now have the car up for auction with an appraisal of $1.5 million, but as per Ali’s wishes the money will be donated to fight world hunger.

Manny Pacquiao – “Pac-Man”

Although Pacquiao is not so well known in the west, those who do know him view him with great esteem. The Filipino welterweight has become a champion boxer and pride of his home country, the Philippines. The Mexican’s are all too familiar with him since earning his nickname “The Mexecutioner”. In his country he has also branched out to pop culture, TV, films and even politics. Although he has amassed much wealth and fame, he has proved himself very compassionate by giving back his country in many ways such as charity work.

Pacquiao remains surprisingly low-key in regards to his money, but of course its only natural he has some toys to play with.  Pac-Man has a tasty collection of 22 cars. The most impressive choices include a Mercedes SLK, armoured Hummer, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Lincoln Navigator, and Mitsubishi Pajero. Saving the best till last, he decided to gift himself a beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia, $220,000 worth of Italian supercar.

Lifestyle and Celebrity News  28/10/2014 12:21:43

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