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Fewer drivers try to repair their cars

Fewer drivers try to repair their cars Image

New research has revealed that improvements in technology mean that fewer people are fixing their own cars than they were five years ago.

The study from Saga Motor Insurance shows that the number of people taking their vehicle to a garage to get the battery or oil filter changed as opposed to doing it themselves has nearly doubled in the past five years.

As a result, people are forking out lots of money for car repairs, which is driving up the cost of owning a new car. And it is the sophisticated new technology underneath the chassis of new cars that is being held responsible for the change.

The data indicates that drivers of vehicles that are more than 10 years old are twice as likely to attempt repairs themselves than people who own a car that is under a year old at 15% compared to just 8%.

And the research also showed a marked difference between the sexes, with only 2% of women saying they would delve under the bonnet to fix a mechanical breakdown compared to 15% of men.

As many as 16% of men are more than happy to admit that they would take their car straight to the garage even for basic repairs.

Insurance  31/07/2012 17:00:00

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