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Fight over 20000 faulty car

Fight over 20000 faulty car Image

A couple from Wargrave claim that they have been virtually held to random by a car dealer and manufacturer over a faulty car.  Tim Dore and Sarah Pomeranz have been in negotiations with Chrysler UK and Knowl Hill Garage almost from the very first day that they purchased the new Jeep Patriot back in the January of 2010.

The black car has actually spent so much time being repaired in the garage that the couple have never even washed it and now say that they have been given just one week to take back the faulty vehicle or accept a replacement car, which they say is not of equivalent value. 

The pair bought the car for £20,250 in order to accommodate three dogs and two children, Avi and Henry, but Dore reported a variety of faults within just one month of purchasing the vehicle.  "The car did not run smoothly or correctly and there was a fault with the reverse sensors," Dore says.  "We sent it back on a number of occasions during those first few months and a mechanic visited our house to adjust the reverse sensors.  Throughout the year the car was still not running smoothly and was returned to the dealer."

The car continued to run badly throughout last year and ended up being retained at Knowl Hill Garage for several months.  Dore says the dealer has even claimed that no fault had been found with the vehicle, although a spokesman for the company says that the couple have been offered a replacement vehicle complete with an extended Car Warranty.

New Cars  11/04/2012 14:00:00

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