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Fit cars with breathalysers says professor

Fit cars with breathalysers says professor Image

Alcohol detectors should be fitted in all vehicles, according to the Government's former chief drugs expert Professor David Nutt.

Prof Nutt said the device would force motorists to test their breath and be deemed under the legal drink-drive level in order for their vehicle to start.

Prof Nutt is now a professor at Imperial College, London and president of the British Neuroscience Association.

His proposal to battle against drink-drive problems, as well as six other related ideas, are outlined in his latest book 'Drugs - Without The Hot Air'.

Speaking to the BBC, Prof Nutt said that the device is already being used in some nations to prevent previously convicted drink-drivers from driving again, but conceded that its wider use in society is a "radical" proposal.

He said: "You could potentially have it so that was true of all cars - everybody would have to breathe in (to the device) before they were able to drive away.

"You hear about terrible accidents when four or five young people die simultaneously in the one car because the driver's been drunk. It could save a lot of lives."

Motor Warranty  31/05/2012 17:00:00

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