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Five myths about UK driving law

Who really remembers all the rules in the Highway Code? Soon as we past the driving test, most of us forget about all the rules and regulations that we memorised for the theory test. This can lead to a few misconceptions about what is and isnít permitted on the road. Here are five of the big myths that have propagated as a result.

Eating when driving is legal

When youíre always on the go, itís tempting to eat while you drive to save some time. You might not even think twice about doing so on a busy road or motorway. But it can land you in hot water. While you wonít automatically get stopped by the police, if they see it affecting your driving in any way, they can prosecute you.

Barefoot driving is a no-no

This is a rather strange driving myth that is more common sense than anything. Driving with no shoes on feels wrong for many people, and you would question someone declaring that they were happy to go like the Flintstones and drive barefoot. While it is frowned upon, it is not illegal.

No flash, no fine

Getting caught by the flash of a speed camera is one of the most frustrating things as a driver. However, you might have thought you got away with it if you knew you were speeding and the flash of the camera didnít go off. But itís not just a traditional flash that can catch you out. Many cameras use infra-red technology and multiple cameras to gauge your speed Ė meaning you can get fined without the flash of a camera!

10 per cent rule

One of the big myths is that thereís a ten per cent buffer on the speeding limit. So if youíre on the motorway, you can go up to 77mph before you get into trouble. But that defeats the point of the speed limit, doesnít it? This myth is really being cracked down on, with tougher restrictions going forward.

Car snooker

One of the stranger myths is that you are more likely to be pulled over if you are driving a red car. This comes to the idea that bored police officers play car snooker, and need a lot of reds to get a high score. This is simply not true and the colour of your car will play no effect on whether you are pulled over or not Ė just the quality of your driving!

published: 17/04/2018 09:37:52

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