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Five noises that require immediate attention

Itís something we all dread. Driving along comfortably in the car when you hear a sudden change in noise from the engine. You would be forgiven for ignoring the sound and just pushing on regardless, hoping that itís nothing major. But there are some noises that you should not ignore. Here are five of the most important.

Clunking sound

When you put your foot on the brake, you might hear a sudden clunking sound. This is a sign that the brake calliper is either broken or damaged. The brake calliper is what applies the pressure to the brake pads, so if this breaks, then you have no brakes!

Roaring sound

If you put your foot on the accelerator and hear a sudden loud roaring noise, then it means something is seriously wrong. It could be the exhaust system, as the sound means that it could either be loose or if there is damage to the component. It could also be your transmission, meaning that the gearbox isnít putting the car into gear correctly.

Loud grinding noise

Another issue when applying the brakes, if you hear a loud grinding noise, then itís a sign that the hub bearings on your wheel can be damaged. This can cause a serious problem, including the entire wheel coming off! It needs to be looked at by someone with a ramp who can get underneath the car.

Hissing sound

If youíre driving along and hear a constant hissing sound, it could be that you have a flat or punctured tyre. These are generally not as immediate as a blow-out, so you could patch the damage before it gets too severe.

Loud bang

Itís not just a backfire that causes a loud bang. It could be a problem with your catalytic converter. So you will be losing money on petrol and causing serious damage to your car, with a failed catalytic converter being an expensive repair.

published: 14/09/2018 10:01:55

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