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Five of the Most Innovative Car Storage Solutions

When it comes to parking our beloved cars, a number of companies have been really pushing the boundaries. This has resulted in many high-tech and interesting car storage solutions. The advantages over conventional parking can include increased convenience, space saving, security and even safety. Five of the most innovative solutions are explored below, from the millionaire playboys to the eco-warriors.

Classy Underground Storage

The Swiss company Cardok has devised an elegant and ingenious solution to urban parking problems. Space for parking can often become challenging for luxury properties in the bustling capital cities. However, Cardok will double your car storage, provide unbeatable security and guaranteed to wow your friends.

Their system features a two-car lifting system with ample power and size for even the larger four-wheel drive luxury cars. At the touch of a button a camouflaged platform will rise up from the ground, revealing the hidden storage space for your second car. 30 seconds after initiation, your car can be driven in and the platform lowered. The clever design allows for two cars to be parked in one space, one of which is completely cloaked and impenetrable to thieves.

Gigantic Automated Towers

Two sleek glass towers reach for the sky, both packed with brand new VW cars. This speculator high-tech storage facility is utilised by the Wolfsburg VW factory in Germany. Newly completed cars are carefully transported to the towers via a large conveyer-belt system. Once inside, a central column with computer controlled robot arms take over for lifting and delicate placement.

Potential buyers can browse through the cars using purpose built glass cabins within the tower. With 37% of new buyers in Germany collecting their cars from the fascinating Wolfsburg factory, the company is likely to expand their automated system in the future.

The Ultimate Motorhome

The £1.2 million Volkner Mobil Performance Bus offers an unbelievable solution for flash car enthusiasts on tour. The 40ft super-bus contains all the outright luxuries and conveniences you can imagine. The extravagant features are fully customisable for buyers; this includes high-end entertainment systems, plush leather furnishings, fully-fledged kitchens and more.

Now what you never would expect is a hidden compartment, perfectly designed to keep the supercar of your choice. Choosing between a Lamborghini, Porsche or Ferrari will be hard. Sadly none of them are included in the hefty price tag! Regardless, orders have been flooding in from excited buyers all across the globe.

Fully Automatic Parking and Washing

So far only seen in Dubai, MAG Royal Solutions (MRS) has been building robotic parking systems which could soon expand right across the UAE. The company seeks to take away the unnecessary hassle of navigating Dubai’s scolding hot car parks. With their automated parking system you can even negate potential parking dings, vandalism and even thefts. The system is even capable of giving your car a decent wash if the driver wishes.

Designed with simplicity and safety in mind, a traffic light system at each entry point informs drivers when they can enter. Once inside the automated sensors check your car is positioned correctly. Finally when instructed you can exit and lock your car, collect a ticket and leave the sophisticated machinery take care of the rest. Placing your ticket in the machine allows you to quickly retrieve your car without much effort either.

Solar Energy Capturing Canopy

For the eco-warriors among us, the Dorset based company H2Eco has come up with a green parking system called Eco Park. Their solution consists of a high quality galvanised steel frame parking canopy, solar photovoltaic panels and clever electrical system to convert the suns rays into electrical energy.

By providing both basic shelter for your car and a source of free green energy, the Eco Park is a great long-term investment. Over the year it will discreetly generate an impressive 1,900kWh. This would be enough to power a Nissan Leaf for 8,000 miles, for free! Even without an electric car you could still benefit, the system can be adapted to supplement your home’s electricity.

Driving Tips  01/05/2015 09:33:24

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