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Follow Your Servicing Schedule With Warranty In Mind

Follow Your Servicing Schedule With Warranty In Mind  Image

One of the best ways of getting the most from your new or used vehicle is to develop and maintain a reasonable servicing routine.  It is always a good idea to develop your servicing schedule in line with the terms of your Car Warranty in mind.  There are a couple of good reasons to think of your car warranty when putting together a servicing schedule.

It is not unusual for the terms of a car warranty to require that vehicles receive maintenance at authorised dealers or particular garages.  By taking that into consideration, you can determine which of the local authorised garages to use for the servicing.  This in turn helps to make sure you can take advantage of the car warranty terms when covered parts need to be replaced.  This will also reduce any potential out of pocket expense whilst making sure that the work does not in some manner invalidate the warranty.

Another key benefit to this approach is that the authorised dealer or garage you choose already has a solid working knowledge about the type of car you own.  This can often make it easier to identify the origin of a small problem early on before it can become a big problem.  While any qualified mechanic might be able to spot the issue, the garage you have already visited with your car is likely to spot the situation in its early stages.  This again allows you to make the most of your warranty, whilst also minimising the chances of a major repair issue arising that would otherwise keep the car off the road for an extended period of time.

Author - Michael Barclay


Motor Warranty  28/01/2011 11:00:01

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