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General Car Maintenance Tips

General Car Maintenance Tips Image

Performing general car maintenance is not especially difficult, and for those who have just recently paid out for an extended Car Warranty, it can also be an excellent way to save money.  After all, just think how much money you get charged by mechanics for what is the relatively simple task of just changing your oil!  Indeed, you could save several hundred pounds a year by performing some basic car maintenance by yourself.  

Of course, you genuinely need to have an interest in maintaining your vehicle, otherwise it will end up being one of those things you just "never get around to" and that will not do your car much good in the long run.  While you may get a little bit on the dirty side performing some routine car maintenance, it is not difficult and the pride in yourself and the thought of the money you are saving will more than make the effort seem worthwhile.  

In addition to changing the oil, other routine acts of car maintenance that you can perform yourself include things such as checking spark plugs and replacing them if necessary, and topping up fluids such as window washer fluid, transmission oil, anti-freeze and power steering fluid.  

To change the oil you will require a few simple tools including a socket or spanner with which to undo the sump plug, a funnel with which to pour the new oil into the car, an oil filter clamp, a tray that you can empty the oil into, new oil and a new filter for your make and model.

Author - Michael Barclay

Car Care Tips  25/10/2011 14:00:00

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