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Get your car ready for cooler weather

Summer has sadly ended, leaving us with the warm brown colours and cosiness of autumn. Now is the time for some autumn cleaning. Get your car out of hot weather mode and ready for the cold chilly months of winter.

Clean out the filters

Summer is the season of pollen, and itís easy for your car's filters to become filled with debris from the warmer months. Take them out and give them a good clean. When you have the heating on full blast, you and your passengers (especially hayfever sufferers) will appreciate it.

Emergency weather

The autumn can be cold and wet, so if your car breaks down, you want to be prepared for the bad weather. Packing a nice warm blanket in the back of your car can prove very handy if youíre stuck waiting for a breakdown recovery.

A thermos of hot drinks can also be useful for long journeys or day trips out in the cold. Having a hot drink can warm you up nicely for when you get back to the car and back on the road.

Light casings

Autumn is when the nights start to draw in, so your lights will be more important than ever. The casings of your car's lights can get covered in grime and dirt, both inside and out. Taking them off is simple, and some warm soapy water will get rid of the worst dirt. Just make sure the plastic is nice and clear so that it will help light those wet dark roads of autumn.

Check the oil and water

Your carís engine will have undergone a lot of stress in the hot summer months, so while youíre giving your car a clean, now is a great time to check the levels of your oil and water.†

Car Care Tips  02/10/2018 10:14:54

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