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Getting the Right Car Warranty for your Money

Car Warranty is a subject which most people do not know much about. The basics are simple, you take out a warranty and then your car is covered against unexpected breakdowns. In reality car warranty policies are more complex than that with various levels of cover available at a range of prices. This can make choosing your car warranty package a daunting and confusing task.

When researching your car warranty policy there is a lot of information that needs to be understood. Without fully understanding the policy there is a good chance that the consumer will spend too much money and get too little cover for the amount they are spending.

Some people will try to tell you that all Car Warranties offer the same thing and that you should simply go for the cheapest option. The truth is warranties vary quite dramatically from company to company and it is not just the price you have to look at. When researching car warranties you need to get a good trade off between the price and cover.

Many warranty companies offer more than one level of cover, Go Car Warranty have two levels of cover. The Complete Warranty package starts from only £99 and the Ultimate Warranty package starts from only £124. Having the selection of different levels lets people choose the policy they need. Some people only want essentials covered whereas some will want as much protection as possible.

Some people are still not convinced that car warranties are worth while as somebody could be better off putting the money aside incase an accident happens. The problem is that with cars getting more and more sophisticated unexpected repair bills are now higher than ever. This is because cars are becoming harder to fix with especially when is comes to finding electrical issues. Even vehicles from manufacturers like Ford and Vauxhall who have reputations for being cheap to repair are costing more than they used to. The average repair cost these days stands at £831.98 a year and this is continuing to rise.

A car warranty can be one of the best purchases a car owner makes. It can save the owner from hundreds of pounds worth of repair bills every year. The key to getting the right car warranty is to research exactly what is covered and then compare the prices based on the level of cover. This way you will get the best warranty cover and price for your vehicle.

published: 11/11/2010 10:49:21

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