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Gifts for Car Fanatics

The most festive time of the year is peeping round the corner.  The shops seem to be the most prepared, with many already putting up decorations or Christmas promotions. You may have even begun to think about present ideas for your friends and family. For many, this time can feel like a nightmare, painfully racking their brains for the ideal gifts that will be both liked and appreciated. Even if you know they are a car fanatic it can still feel like a minefield. But fear not, this brief guide will fill you with inspiration and gift ideas for whichever price range you have set.

Novelty Item

If it’s a cheap and cheerful present you are after then a good bet is going for a novelty car item. The most cliché example of which is the humble in-car air freshener. To make things a little more interesting and funny, why not choose an unusually tasty scent or funky design. Or there is always the comical classic, the nodding dog. You could even get creative and search online for amusing dashboard ornaments or something to hang from the rear view mirror. As long as they appreciate your sense of humor and irony you will be just fine.

Models and Memorabilia

Moving on to a slightly more serious tone, you could purchase a special model car or memorabilia. Perhaps your loved one is quite clearly fixated with a particular model of car. It could be their current pride and joy or fond memories of a car they owned in the past. You can harness the power of nostalgia by purchasing a scaled-down version of the real thing. If they are particularly hands-on they may even enjoy carefully assembling a model before it takes pride of place on their desks.

Car Show Tickets

Attending a car show/event is often a day that car fanatics will fondly remember for life. You may already be familiar with the type of car or manufacturer that your loved one is particularly obsessed with. If not, this may require a small amount of covert research to find out. Once discovered, some quick Internet searches should point you in the direction of suitable events around the country. Different shows will all have varying prices depending on their size, duration and entertainment provided. The only thing left to consider is whether you could bear to attend with them or whether a friend could save you and take your place!

Driving Experience

It is often said that great experiences are far more satisfying in the long term than material items.  Our fondest memories will last a lifetime after all. Currently there are numerous companies who offer a wide variety of driving experiences, which are sure to get a car enthusiast’s blood pumping. These range from adventurous off-road driving in a capable rally car to soaring round a famous track in the eye-watering supercar of your dreams. The options are limitless if you really look around. Most will offer different packages with varying prices meaning a fantastic experience can be squeezed out of different budgets. For example, the simple packages typically start in the £100s whereas the most intense packages can hit the £1000s.  Usually most of these experiences can even provide a fun day out with the family who can cheer them on and watch them enjoy their present.


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