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Gifts for the car lover in your life

So your best friend is a motor head, your brother collects vintage vehicles and your mum has a penchant for the latest family car. Their birthday is just round the corner and Christmas is hovering on the not-too-distant horizon. You want to get a meaningful present, something they’ll love, keep and make use of in the future. A car orientated gift is the perfect way to go, but you don’t want to present them with a can of de-icer or a nodding dog. Here is a list of interesting, original and genius gift ideas for your car loving mate:

1. Scalextric - Let’s face it, building a racetrack on the living room floor and challenging your friends to a high speed battle never, ever gets old. It’s the perfect gift for a young and inquisitive child, for the teenager who has just passed their driving test or for dad and his friends: http://www.scalextric.com/

2. VW Campervan clock - an original gift that will be the very first thing they see every morning, this novelty clock is a nod to the classic VW Campervan, a hugely popular motor around the world: http://www.gearboxgifts.com/lifestyle-gifts/vw-campervan-my-clock#.UyXj_T9_sxo

3. A cool sun shade- There is little worse in the height of summer than coming back to your car after a day at the beach to find it roasting. Many drivers opt for an aluminium foil shade to cover the windscreen and to keep the car cool. You may think this makes for a bland gift, but if you can track down a themed one, like this one that mimics the iconic Millennium Falcon scene from Star Wars, then you’ll make their day: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/millennium-falcon-sun-shade

4. Portable pizza oven - For those friends who get hungry on the go, a portable oven for a cheesy pizza that plugs into the cigarette lighter. What could be better? http://www.likecool.com/Porta-Pizza_Oven--Accessories--Car.html

5. A novelty number plate - personalised number plates are a popular modern accessory in the UK and can cost anything between a couple of hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands, depending on what you want. They may not be road-legal, but getting your friend or family’s nickname printed on a novelty plate is an affordable and fun addition to their ride: http://www.gettingpersonal.co.uk/gifts/personalised-number-plate.htm

6. A tasty car fragrance - car fragrances are cheap as chips and come in all shapes and smells. They improve any car journey with woodland aromas or sweet shop nostalgia. However, if you’re going to go all out for a birthday gift, you want to leave a lasting effect, like this bespoke luxury fragrance: http://www.mitchellandking.com/detailing-products/air-freshener/luxury-air-freshener

7. A Car Warranty - Organising warranty cover is an important part of owning a car, so giving it as a gift for friends or family to help cover the costs of their vehicle would go down a treat. And, should the worst happen, they’ll always have you to thank: http://www.gocarwarranty.co.uk

8. An experience day - from Supercars like Lamborghini to Aston Martin to epic off-roaders and tanks, a driving experience day is an exciting and personal prezzie idea for your car loving friend or family member. If you buy a package for two, you may even be lucky enough to be chosen to go along: http://www.buyagift.co.uk/Driving-Experiences-BN-11x.aspx

published: 18/03/2014 17:00:00

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