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Give Your Car the Ultimate Spring Clean

Winter has gone and spring has sprung once again. Okay, so it may be a strange mix of really cold unseasonal weather and super warm unseasonal weather, but by the dictionary definition – its spring. So what better time to give your car a clean than now when the weather is sort of okay?

What we are all hoping for is another exotic summer like last year, where we walked around in disbelief at the incredible weather. So give your car the ultimate spring clean now and be ready for the summer – whether its hot or not.

Clean the windows

The summer sun seems to hang longer in the sky. So glare on the windscreen is much more of an issue. You also have to factor in the myriad of bugs and flies that can get splattered on the window. Get a good cloth and scrub down the glass, making sure to wipe off any dirt. Use some glass cleaning spray and do it all manually. If your windshield wipers aren’t up to scratch, they will just end up smearing the dirt across the glass.

Clean out the carpets

When’s the last time you vacuumed the carpets in your car? Or, failing that, took them out and gave them a good beating? After the cold, wet, winter months, the carpets are likely to be covered in mud and dirt that will have dried on by now. So give them a good wash with some carpet cleaner, then vacuum them down to ensure they are thoroughly clean.

Clean out the boot

Summer means road trips. So you’ll want to be loading up the back of your car with cool boxes, beach blankets and towels. But if your car boot is dirty, then you’ll be less likely to want to wrap a dirty towel around a beach fresh body. Give the boot a good clean so that any dirt from the winter months is out of the way.

Clean out the air filters

Whether you suffer from allergies or not, the filters in your car’s air conditioning system needs a good clear out. It can easily become clogged with bits of dirt, pollen and leaves, which it will just circulate around the car. A nightmare for allergy sufferers. But they also make the air con  much less efficient, meaning you won’t be feeling the benefit when you switch it on. Give the filters a thorough clean and you’ll be thankful later!

Treat your car to a wash and a wax

Now and then it’s nice to give your car a treat. Whether its an old banger or a brand new motor, we are all often guilty of neglecting it, especially in those colder months. But summer is about getting out and about. So why not take your car to your nearest car wash place and go for one of the better packages. Get your car washed and waxed (and you can also do the interior if you really feel like splashing the cash), so it’s beach body ready.

Offbeat  03/05/2019 09:49:23

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