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Greatest Driving Games of All Time

The true beauty of driving games lies in access to the most exotic and unobtainable vehicles.  We are handed the keys and take them out onto the track, driving without limit and a manner we wouldn’t dare in reality. It’s a sweet taste of the ultimate driving thrill, yet from the safety and convenience of our very living rooms. Better yet there are no real life repercussions to our crashes, physical or financial.

Whether your looking for realism, fast thrills or a furious competition, you can be there’s a game that can entertain you. Get in on the fun by checking these all time greatest driving games below!

Hyper Realism – The Gran Turismo Series

When Gran Turismo first entered the scene driving games offer little more than quick arcade fun. It was the first time gamers could access a realistic driving experience, using real life licenced cars.

When it first came to PlayStation in 1997 it sold an unbelievable 10.85 Million. PlayStation was wise and kept it exclusive to their console, selling over 10 Million copies with each further realise. To date Gran Turismo has been PlayStation’s best selling game franchise to date.

The game evolved but focus remained the same, an absolute mirror in turns of performance and appearance of real cars. Physics, mechanics and even driver aids such as traction control or ABS are brought into play. You can grab the latest version, Gran Turismo 6 (2013), on PlayStation 3. Or keep your eyes peeled for its next stage in evolution on PlayStation 4 in 2016/2017!

Adrenaline Fuelling - Need for Speed Series

If you’re looking for all out thrills, look no further than the Need For Speed series. It’s an exciting racing series that has spread like wildfire amongst gamers and multiple platforms. Since it’s introduction 1994 it has spawned a total of 22 games and even the film dedication “Need For Speed” (2015)

Published by Electronic Arts, Need For Speed has become the most successful video game franchise of all time! With over 150 million copies sold across the series, its popularity is unquestionable.

Whilst all games provide fast, adrenaline fuelled driving, the focus and theme has been changing throughout the series. From highly customised street racing to professional motorsport to police pursuits! Instead of simply re-working the same idea they have given each game unique character. If you eager to get in on the action you can check out the most recent instalment, Need For Speed 2015.

Downright Crazy Fun – Mario Cart Series

It all began as a mere spin-off from Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise, but Mario Carts quickly grew into a series in its own right. The initial release for Super Nintendo in 1992 was an immediate hit of outrageous fun. Nintendo has since keep gamers coming back for over 11 titles and 100 million in sales.

This dangerously addictive go-kart racing game has maintained the same core mechanics throughout series. Players select their favourite characters from the Mario franchise to race through wild and fully interactive circuits. Events become highly competitive as racers use power ups to dramatically get one over their opponents. Races between friends soon become heated and thus racing rages on!

It was Mario Kart 64 in 1994 that truly kick-started this frenzy. With 3D graphics and 4-player racing the infectious nature became supercharged. Now you can fight your way through these wild races in Mario Cart 8 for Wii U!

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