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Guide to respraying your car

If your carís paintwork is in bad shape it can often really let the whole car down. †As a result, paintwork restoration is a very effective way to breath new life into your pride and joy. Now there are three main options to consider, having the car professionally repainted, vinyl wrapping and even attempting the job yourself. Each choice comes with its own set of advantages, disadvantages and associated costs. But donít fret, a basic understanding of each will guide you to making the right decision for your car.

Professional respray

By opting for a full professional respray you can drastically change your carís presence or simply restore it to its former show-room glory. Although this is the most costly option it will often provide the best results, so long as a quality provider is used. The main advantage is the quality of the finish. When you have experienced professionals respraying your car, you can expect your car to look and feel almost brand new.†

The main disadvantage of a professional respray is the cost. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you pinch your pennies too far you risk ending up with a terrible result. You should expect to spend no less than £3,000 if you want a good job. Company testimonials or examples of previous will provide a great indication of the quality of service you will receive.

If money is really tight then a far cheaper option would be doing the respray yourself. However, donít expect good results if you have neither the experience nor the equipment of the professionals. Usually this would be more suited to project/track cars where the quality of the finish is not critical.

Vinyl wrap

Vinyl wrapping can dramatically change the colour of a car or hide worn out paintwork without the high costs of a full respray. It can cost three times less at around the £1,000 mark for a reasonable job. When damage occurs it even costs far less to re-wrap a body panel than to have it resprayed. †Wrapping can even offer a layer of protection against minor scratches or chips for existing paintwork underneath. †Another possible benefit is that the colour change is not permanent, wrapping can be removed at a later date returning the car to its original state.†

Many of the pitfalls of vinyl wrapping can be caused by poor application. Yet again if you try to be cheap, spending less than £1,000, you are very likely to have problems. The result could ruin the look of your car with a shabby finish, bubbling and ragged edges. Incorrect application often allows water to become trapped between the wrap and paintwork, thus leading to corrosion of the paintwork. To avoid these issues it important to consider using skilled professionals who have vast experience in the area.
Another point to consider is that the finish is generally not as hard wearing as the paintwork and is more susceptible to damage. Even bird droppings are more detrimental than usual as it eats right through the soft vinyl. Extra care and attention is often required to keep this type finish in tip top condition.

If youíre feeling bold and have plenty of free time you could attempt to do this yourself. It will cost you far less financially but may not be worth the stress as you are likely to encounter all of the issues as mentioned earlier. Without the required experience and patience it is possible that your hard work might not pay off.

Car Care Tips  22/09/2014 09:24:49

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