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High Octane Top Gear Alternatives

Thousands of loyal Top Gear fans are still coming to terms with the fact Jeremy Clarkson will not be returning to show. This is a heavy blow since his charisma and humour was an integral part of the show’s magic. It was widely known that Clarkson was treading on thin ice, in fact,he was involved in three major controversies during the run up to this. Due to the negative light, the painful decision was made to drop him from the show.

Everyone knows the future Top Gear will be a very different creature. The collaboration of Clarkson-Hammond-and-May was a unique dynamic that cannot be easily replaced. Therefore it is likely the next season will begin with a clean slate and new hosts all round. The directors will have to get very creative if the show is to continue being as popular as it has become. Even a refreshing change with decent talent is going to need ample time to mature and grow on us.

In the meantime we must look to the alternatives to get our adrenalin fix. This is no easy feat, especially since Top Gear was considered one of the very best. However, here are three high revving alternatives that will fill the void and keep you satisfied:

Top Gear USA

Would you be willing to delve into an American style twist on Top Gear? Inspired by the wild success of Top Gear UK, this incarnation aims to reinvent the popularity with the US viewers.  Maturing over a number of years it is crammed full of crazy car related challenges, many of which end in total vehicle destruction. If the American sense of humour chimes well with you, this variation could be just what you are looking for.

Fifth Gear       

Another series born in Britain, often likened as a younger sibling of Top Gear. In spite of its far lower budget than Top Gear, it has still evolved very well through the years.  Currently the show uses four enthusiastic characters as hosts, each of which have fun individual quirks. The “Team Test” is always comical as the whole team squeeze into a single car and hit the test track. For those keen to stick to British humour, it not only offers great entertainment but also expert insights on the latest cars.

Fast N’ Loud

With such a ballsy name you know exactly what to expect with this one. It always delivers but using their own entertaining spin on classic car restorations. The American series follows the work of “Fast N’ Loud”, a custom restoration shop based in Dallas. Two bearded grease monkeys run the shop together, forming a dynamic duo of sorts. You can instantly tell they are genuine car enthusiasts and live for the old school car action. Each episode tells a new story of finding an old run down classic, restoring it to former glory and trying to flip it for maximum profit. It doesn’t always go exactly to plan which only adds to the entertainment of us viewers. This is definitely one of the wildest car restoration programmes of there, one not to miss! 

Offbeat  05/05/2015 10:41:00

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