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Holes in Fords rust warranty

Holes in Fords rust warranty Image

It is not exactly unusual for extended auto warranties to come with loopholes large enough to drive a truck through, but driver Louise MacLachlan, from Knowle in Hampshire, was not impressed with the Catch 22 situation she recently found herself in with her perforation Car Warranty for her Ford Ka. 

The four-year-old city vehicle had begun to rust around the filter cap and so Ms MacLachlan took the car to her local Ford dealer in order to claim on the six-year perforation car warranty. Ms MacLachlan was therefore somewhat taken aback when her claim was rejected on the grounds that the car's most recent service had been carried out by an independent garage. This was something of a surprise, given that the terms and conditions on Ford's own website state quite clearly that there is no invalidation of the perforation warranty if the vehicle is serviced outside of the dealer network, as long as the relevant checks were made and the service book stamped.

 "They told me the warranty was invalid because the garage had stamped the service book," she says. Ford claimed that the rust was so bad it must have been present during the service, so therefore the car should not have been given the all clear. "But the rust appeared after the car was serviced," Ms MacLachlan notes. "It's ridiculous. The terms and conditions say your warranty is invalid if the garage doesn't stamp the logbook - but it seems that it's also invalid if it does stamp it."

Funnily enough, since Auto Express became involved, Ford has changed its tune and now says it will honour the warranty.

Motoring News  17/02/2012 11:00:01

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