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Holiday car rental tips

Hiring a car is a great way to make the most of your holidays. Not having to rely on expensive tour operators or public transport (in a language you might not understand), can give you a freedom to really enjoy your holiday. Here are our tips to make the most of your rental car.

Research, research, research

Don’t just choose the rental company that’s partnered with your airline or resort. Look at the options available, including the big multinational companies and the smaller local companies. Check reviews for both the cars and the customer service – you’ll need both.

Confident driver? Choose a nice car

If you are a confident driver, you have the freedom to choose a car that might be an upgrade on your own. One with the mod-cons and features that your own car is missing.

Not that confident? Choose the familiar

The roads, signposts and rules in another country can be daunting to someone who is less confident behind the wheel. So when it comes to the choice of cars available, you might want to choose one similar to your own. That way you can focus on the road and not on handling your new vehicle.

Get a sat-nav

While you may feel confident with a map or believe you have enough of the local lingo to ask for help, that might not always be an option. Choose a car with a built-in sat-nav, or ask for one you can plug in. And if you are bringing your own, make sure you get it updated with the latest version of the local maps. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere with a map over a decade out of date.

Customer service

If something goes wrong, you will as much help as possible. So choose a rental company that has customer service options in your native language. Any barriers in an emergency will only add to your frustrations.

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