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Holidaymakers careless at the wheel

Holidaymakers careless at the wheel Image

It seems the sun goes to British motorists' heads on holiday, with more than half confessing to having committed a motoring offence when driving in continental Europe.

In total, 53% of British drivers admitted to at least one driving offence when behind the wheel in Europe, with almost a third (29%) owning up to three or more offences.

One in ten (11%) tourists who have driven in Europe have been pulled over by the police, according to a poll of over 1,000 British motorists by Opinium.

Despite the need to remember to drive on the correct side of the road, one in five British drivers said they found driving in Europe a more pleasant experience than driving at home.

When it came to rule-breaking abroad, males fared much worse, with 59% of men committing an offence compared to only 41% of female drivers.

The top five driving infringements were: driving over the speed limit (31%); driving when low on petrol (18%); using a sat-nav speed camera alert (14%); drink driving (9%); and speeding (6%).

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