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Horror Movie Cars

Whether you love the thrills of a good horror movie, or are the hide-under-the-duvet type, horror movies have been on our screens since the silent shorts of film pioneer George Melies in 1890. Cars began making appearances in horror movies in the 1970's with the likes of 'Duel' and the ominously named 'The Car'. Since then, many horror flicks have featured either a supernaturally demonised car hell bent on murder, or cars have been driven by super-psycho killers. Here are some of the creepiest automobiles have that hit our screens. Spoiler alert!

Christine, 1983

Car: Plymouth Fury

Directed by John Carpenter

Based on a novel by thriller legend Stephen King, this film follows a malevolent car, namely a Plymouth Fury called Christine and it's teenage owner. During the cars manufacture, one of the workers is choked to death inside the car when he drops cigar ash on the seat. Fast forward 20 years and geeky teenage Arnie buys a second hand car. Things take an eerie turn when Arnie's personality begins to change and he becomes cocky and arrogant. One day group of bullies vandalise Arnie's car, but rather than it needing to be repaired, it fixes itself entirely of it's own accord. The car clearly has a mind of it's own and decides it's time for revenge on the group who damaged her. 'Christine' seeks out the gang members, gruesomely mowing them down, one at a time. Arnie's friends decide to destroy the car in order to save him from being changed by it forever. But Christine has other ideas. Arnie is thrown through the wind shield and impaled on a shard of glass and spends the last few moment of his life admiring  Christine, despite her murderous ways . Arnie's friends finally manage to bulldoze the car, but in the final scene she begins again to restore herself, leaving the audience wondering what her next evil plans will be. Several Plymouth Furys were destroyed during filming, but most were Savoy and Belvedere models amended to look like a Fury. Only two of these cars still exist, one of which was rescued from a scrap yard.

Duel, 1973

Cars: Red Plymouth Valiant and Peterbilt 281

Directed by  Steven Speilberg

Starring Dennis Weaver, this auto-horror film follows David Mann, a terrified motorist stalked by a tanker truck in the middle of nowhere. The driver of the truck is nearly never seen, giving the impression that the tanker has a life of it's own. Driving through the desert, he passes a truck which appears to get very offended at his action. Let the road rage rampage begin. The tanker proceeds to dedicate itself to one mission: killing David. It does this by literally driving him into several deadly situations. This film is shot to give the impression that it is indeed the truck that has it in for Mann, rather than it's driver, making it all the creepier. Mann finally gets himself out of his deadly predicament by driving his red Plymouth Valiant directly towards the truck, and dramatically jumping from the car at the last moment. The tanker plunges over a cliff to meet it's flame engulfed end- a shot that was only filmed once... as they only had one truck.

Spielberg held 'auditions' for the truck, where he assessed several before decided on one he thought 'looked' evil enough.

The Car, 1977

Car: Lincoln Continental Mark III

Directed by Elliot Silverstein

The ’evil’ black car in  1977's ominously named 'The Car' was a customised 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III. Still with the popular theme of cars having minds of their own, this car also decides to go on a murderous rampage, much to the horror of the residents of a small town. A series of hit-and-runs which witnesses say were caused by a car with no number plate... and no driver is investigated by the local sheriff. As if these hit-and-runs weren't enough, 'the Car' enters the school and mows down a marching band and chases teachers and students. A classic police chase ensues. The driver-less car is  chased through the desert before turning back and killing five officers. Before long the officers that have escaped with their lives set a trap for the killer-on-wheels and it all ends in a ball of flames with a devilish face emerging, leaving the officers more than freaked out. Footage from this film is seen in the Knight Rider episode "Trust Doesn't Rust".

Deathproof, 2007

Cars: 1972 Mustang, 1969 Dodge Charger, 1971 Chevrolet Nova, 1970 Dodge Challenger

Director: Quentin Tarantino.

In true Tarantino ultra-violent style, this evil muscle car killing spree takes place in Austin, Texas. Group of friends Julia, Arlene and Shanna meet a former Hollywood stuntman, Mike. Turns out, Mike, played by Kurt Russell is a super-crazy socio path who stalks and kills young women in his modified, 'death-proof' car.  He stages their deaths as  lethal car accidents. This killing spree is drawn to an end when he meets his match with a group of girls who drive up behind him and rear-end his car. One of the girls beats him with a pipe and Mike pleads for his release. The girls have other ideas and cause him to crash and eventually, mercilessly, beat him to death. This film is a testament to Tarantino's fascination for the way stunt men “death-proof” stunt cars so a driver can survive horrific, high-speed crashes.


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