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How Car Maintenance Affects Your Auto Warranty

How Car Maintenance Affects Your Auto Warranty Image

While not all car owners are aware of this fact, the care taken to keep a vehicle in good working condition can have an impact on its auto warranty.  Specifically, failing to maintain the vehicle and subjecting it to extreme use that was never intended by the manufacturer can lead to the voiding of that warranty, leaving the car owner with little in the way of protection.

Within the terms and conditions of most warranties, the owner is advised that the provisions only apply if it appears if the use of the vehicle has been more or less within what the car manufacturer considers reasonable.  For example, if a smaller vehicle is used to tow a caravan several hundred miles and develops issues with the linkage or the axle shortly thereafter, this may be sufficient to void the auto warranty´s use in repairing the damage.  At the same time, if the vehicle in question was not routinely overloaded and was used for simple passenger travel, chances are the warranty would remain intact, providing full cover.

Since warranties vary in terms of what is covered and what is not, it is important to have a clear understanding of what is considered standard and normal usage.  In addition, some dealer auto warranty plans will require the owner to schedule regular maintenance with authorised service departments to keep the engine, gearbox, and other covered components in working order.  Failure to keep to the servicing schedule could also have an adverse effect on the warranty, should some major system in the vehicle suddenly stop working.

Author - Michael Barclay


Auto Warranty  12/01/2011 11:00:01

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