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How reliable is your car

Buying a new car is never an easy job. Quite simply, it's because a new car, whether it's brand new or new to you, is a big purchase, more often than not costing thousands of pounds.

So how do you make sure you're buying a reliable car? Below are four small, but very important tips to make sure your purchase is a sensible one.

Do your research

There are many studies into vehicle reliability, and any car buyer would be a fool not to have a quick look before taking a stroll around the forecourt. The JD Power/What Car survey is a reputable starting point, which is carried out on an annual basis and details a number of different elements of car ownership. One of those is reliability – and this article from BBC's Top Gear highlights the best – and the worst – cars for reliability.

Unsurprisingly, the Germans look pretty good.

Get to know it

While you might be justified in taking a deep breath out of pure relief at having made the purchase, that's only half the journey. Far too many drivers don't put the effort into getting to know their new vehicle – understanding its nuances, and putting the effort into your relationship. Do this, and you'll be together a long time. After all, vehicle reliability can be a two way street, and – providing you've not bought one of the cars from the above least reliable cars list - your vehicle will reward you if you put the time into getting to know it.

Word of mouth

The internet is a wonderful thing and it's undeniable that you can find out a million and one things online. It is possible of course to do all your research online, and you absolutely should spend time reading reviews and surveys about reliable and unreliable cars.

However, there is little more reliable than speaking to someone who owns a certain car, especially if you can trust their opinions and even more so if they know a thing or two about cars. Even if they don't, though, if they can reassure you that the car is a reliable one, then that should help put your mind at ease.

Show it some love

As in the second point, putting the time and effort into getting to know your vehicle pays dividends, and the same goes for repairs. In the same way that you wouldn't watch your child cut themselves and not put a plaster on, you shouldn't ignore damage done to your vehicle. Short term fixes are just that, and won't do your vehicle, or its reliability, any favours in the long run.

Cars are an essential part of many people's lives, so putting the time and thought into which one you drive is well worth the effort. Following these tips will put you on the right track: if you've got any advice, or tips of your own, let us know on our Facebook page.


Driving Advice  29/08/2014 11:58:00

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